Pat Borchardt

Property Manager - F3 Condos
Pat Borchardt

Pat joined Founders 3 in April of 2024 as Property Manager of a condominium community in Madison. She started her property management career in 2015 with Northern Management, managing the property and lease-up until returning to Madison in 2020. During her time back in Madison, Pat has managed a variety of residential properties including very old, very new, luxury and affordable housing, with each providing challenges and rewards.  

Prior to property management, Pat worked and grew up with a weather graphics computer manufacturer and data provider in the television broadcast industry. There she enjoyed many career experiences in B2B sales, customer service and managing various departments and projects for over twenty years.  

Pat takes pride in delivering positive experiences and solutions, big or small, for her residents.  She enjoys the variety that each day brings including the many personalities of the people she interacts with.  

Areas of Expertise

  • Owner / Resident Relations
  • Project Solutions and Management
  • Budget Management
  • Vendor Negotiations and Relations