Paul Koepnick, CMM

Director of Facilities
Paul Koepnick
  252 E. Highland Avenue

Paul joined the Founders 3 team in 2018. He brings a diverse skill set and unique experience to the Director of Facilities position. Paul started out as a Maintenance Technician/Roamer with F3 and quickly moved into a Building Engineer role. With his broad understanding of building systems, project management and client relations, he quickly became a valuable asset and began taking on leadership responsibilities for the maintenance department.

Prior to that, Paul managed a 14-building, 300+ unit apartment complex for a large property management company in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Paul's educational background is in science and medicine, and he is able to use this diverse education to give a unique perspective on building systems, diagnostics and problem solving.

He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison and is an Alumnus of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. He has also completed fellowship training in Biosafety and Infectious Disease Transmission and Control at Cornell University and has worked alongside the USDA, FDA, APHIS, and The Department of Homeland Security, which was instrumental in his development and implementation of the COVID-19 Biosafety policies, protocols, and trainings for Founders 3.

Paul is also a licensed General Contractor and is a Certified Maintenance Manager .